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OS Grid ref:- SH664593

Tryfan, in the Ogwen Valley forms part of the Glyderau mountain range. Due to its distinctive pyramidal shape, Tryfan one of the most easily recognisable peaks in the region. Its rocky, blade-like shape has been likened to the upper body of a shark with three fins running along its top. Rising to 3,002 feet (915 metres) above sea level it is one of the highest mountains in the Glyderau.


Tryfan offers some of the best mountaineering, scrambling and rock climbing anywhere in Britain. The summit of Tryfan is famous for the angular monoliths known as Adam and Eve, a three metre high pair of rocks standing a few feet apart, which are clearly discernable from the valley to the north-east, from where they resemble two human figures.

The mountain was formed by the truncation of a ridge, by the action of glaciers that flowed down the Ogwen Valley during the last Ice Age, which makes the North face of Tryfan extremely steep.The best view of Tryfan is from the east (Capel Curig) side

The Milestone Butress

The Milestone Buttress at the base of Tryfan is a popular location for climbing. The Buttress is situated about a ten minutes walk from roadside laybys. The most popular route is known as the direct route. The rock is 75 metres long and graded Very Difficult.

The Route to the summit of Tryfan

Stay safe, by following a few simple rules when walking in the mountains:-