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Welsh Traditions

Taking a holiday in Wales and visiting the Snowdonia National Park is an occasion in itself, but when holidaying in the area, especially at the beginning of March, it's helpful to have an understanding of Welsh cultural traditions.

March 1st is St. David's Day, and it gives the people of Wales a chance to proudly wear a leek (real or fabric!) or attach a small badge depicting a leek. In fact, every soldier in Welsh regiments wears a leek on their cap pins for St. David's Day. The reason behind this is that it's thought that Welsh soldiers distinguished themselves from their enemies by wearing leeks in their hats.It's become commonly accepted for many others to substitute the leek for a daffodil however; and given that the odour and appearance of a daffodil is generally more pleasing than that of a leek, this is all understood! The symbolism linking the two goes far beyond the smell though. The daffodil has also been adopted as a national emblem as the Welsh word is the same for the two plants. In Welsh, Cenhinen is the word for leek and Cenhinen Pedr is the word for daffodil.

It's not just St. David's Day where the leek makes an appearance as a traditional symbol for Wales. Have a look at your spare change, and you'll even see that the leek has been depicted on the one pound coins representing the Welsh part of the United Kingdom.

Another occasion when you'll see the leek displayed proudly is during international rugby matches, which presents another "must-see" suggestion for any visit to Wales. With the Welsh Rugby Union (WRU) dating back to 1881, Wales has a rich history of rugby, and the current Welsh team is one of the top performers of international rugby, and has consistently performed strongly in the worldwide Six Nations scene.

For the serious sporting fan, no trip to Wales is complete without seeing the Welsh national rugby team in action at Cardiff's Millennium Stadium. If you're coming for a big game, however, be sure to book your accommodation in advance, because last minute lodgings can sometimes be a hassle to organise – and the fewer the pre-match stresses... the better!

Booking your accommodation online not only saves time and money, but it allows you to cater your search to Cardiff hotels near to Millennium Stadium. It's the same if you're after London hotels for a trip out to Twickenham, or if you're looking for Paris hotels for an exhilarating evening at the Stade de France, all without having to worry about brushing up on your French.