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The Carneddau

The Carneddau group of mountains make up the largest continuous area of high ground in Wales and England.

The Carneddau from the north-east, showing the Llugwy-Ogwen gap

The CarneddauThe Carneddau

The range is bounded by the coast to the north, the Conway valley to the east, and the Ogwen valley to the west and south. Over twenty of its peaks surpass 600m and six of these are amongst the highest peaks in the country. The Carneddau, meaning 'the cairns', covers a vast area of nearly 200sq km.

Peaks in the Carneddau which surpass 3,000feet

Carnedd Llywelyn, the second highest peak in Wales after Snowdon reaches 3,458' (1064m), slightly lower is its neighbour Carnedd Dafydd at 3,427' (1044m). The former peak is thought to derive its name from the renowned thirteenth century Prince of Wales, Llywelyn the Great. The rare and fragile montane heath can only be found on the highest summits of the Carneddau.


The range encompasses a number of lakes in its deep valleys including Llyn Cowlyd and Llyn Eigiau.

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Lllyn Ogwen

The Glyderau

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